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Key laws related to eGovernment

Like everything in public administration, the development and use of ICT tools is subject to legislation.

The legislative and incentive framework can be divided as follows:

  1. Laws related to computerisation and eGovernment (ISVS, basic registers, data interconnection).
  2. Laws regulating a specific area of eGovernment (identity, electronic documents, cybersecurity, etc.)
  3. Administrative procedural laws with general processes (Administrative Code, Civil Procedure Code, Tax Code)
  4. Individual agency laws specifying processes in the agencies (Law on Arms, Law on Road Traffic, Law on Public Health Insurance)
  5. Data held for agendas in the Register of Rights and Obligations (these are reference and binding data on the competences and activities within the public administration)

Explanations of eGovernment terms are given in the glossary, which is at Glossary of eGovernment terms

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