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Handbook for planning the digitisation of public administration services in the Czech Republic

On 1 February 2021, the Government, by its Resolution No. 84, approved the Schedule and technical methods for the implementation of the digitisation of public administration services for the period 2021-2025. As the approved plan was not ambitious enough in terms of digitisation through self-service portals, the Government tasked the Ministry of the Interior to create a digitalization planning guide.

The purpose of the digitisation handbook is to provide concise guidance on how an agency manager should proceed when constructing an adequate digitisation plan for their agency under section 14(4) and (5) of the Act, or how a digital commissioner should proceed when consolidating the plan for all agencies in the authority to support individual agency managers.

In order to fulfil the Act, the objectives of the Digital Czech Republic strategy and the purpose of the digital transformation of the public administration of the Czech Republic, the following approach has been chosen to determine the interpretation of the digitisation rules:

Services registered in the Catalogue of Public Administration Services (VS) and their acts of the nature of submission (performed by the client) should be obligatorily available in each of these digital channels (§ 4 (1) of the Act):

  • data box,
  • a document bearing a recognised electronic signature, typically sent by email,
  • self-service portal.

If a public authority (OVM) does not provide or does not plan to provide a service in the digital channels mentioned, it can only do so on the basis of a reservation:

  • exclusion of digitisation by law,
  • infeasibility (unsuitability for digitisation),
  • * * uneconomic. The above rule will apply from 1 February 2025 at the latest. This obligation must be supported by timely digitisation planning and subsequent implementation. The Government, by its resolution No. 84 of 1 February 2021, extended the obligation for notifiers to develop a plan for digitisation until the end of June 2021.**

In order to be considered digitized in these service channels, services and their operations must meet a set of common and, in the case of a self-service portal, channel-specific minimum requirements - standards.

Detailed information on the development of a digitisation plan can be found in the full text of the guidelines for digitisation planning as well as in the presentations from the ongoing seminars for notifiers focused specifically on the digitisation plan:

Below you will find an application that will automatically create a digitization plan document for each approved agenda. Please select your OVM and further specify which agenda it is. The "Process and download" button will then provide you with an .xls file containing the formula for calculating the return on the self-service portal and also a list of all the actions performed by the client that lack a data box, electronic signature or self-service portal as a service channel. Detailed instructions can be found in the file that is generated for you.

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