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Welcome to the knowledge-based website of the Office of the Chief eGovernment Architect (OHA). The OHA falls organizationally under the Ministry of the Interior, has supra-ministerial competence and is responsible for coordinating and leading the development of digitalization of public administration. This website has been created to support the enhancement of the digital capabilities of individual public administrations through the search and sharing of best practice. To help you navigate, we have defined the key areas of eGovernment architecture to provide you with the essential information and links you need to properly procure, build, manage and operate public administration information systems. You will also find the complete national architecture documents in the latest version and get information for the approval of ICT eGovernment projects. We would greatly appreciate your contributions to the discussions, which are listed at the end of each page. You can also send us your suggestions and comments via email or

National architectural documents

The National Architectural Documents were created on the basis of the Government Resolution No. 629 of 3 October 2018 on the "Digital Czechia" programme and the draft amendments to the Statute of the Government Council for the Information Society. In accordance with the resolution, the Ministry of the Interior ensured the publication and publication of the documents on the Information Concept of the Czech Republic (hereinafter referred to as "ICCR") website. These documents, which are collectively referred to as the ICCR follow-up documents, are:

The obligation to publish these materials by the end of September 2019 has been fulfilled with the launch of the website.

The IKCR follow-up documents develop and further elaborate on the principles and objectives set out by ICCR. The Ministry of the Interior decided to choose the form of interconnected and interlinked websites for the publication of the ICCR follow-up documents, which together form and describe the National eGovernment Architecture. This form of publication is much more useful and efficient for the information to be described in the ICCR follow-up documents and meets the requirements of the modern information society, as it supports searching over the entire knowledge base of the ICCR follow-up documents, management of individual parts/pages, change history, subscription to change notifications and other functionalities that are not possible in the form of traditional publication of paper or digital documents. In order to enable the reading of the IKČR documents offline, i.e. without an internet connection, the classical form of digital documents is also enabled, which the user can generate at will on each individual page.

Following an inter-ministerial comment procedure, the management of the National Architectural Documents, and thus the entire knowledge base, is governed by resolution of the Government of the Czech Republic of 15 February 2021 No. 159.

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Key areas of eGovernment architecture

The acquisition, creation, management and operation of public administration information systems (PAIS) must comply with legislation and the national eGovernment architecture. To help you navigate, we have defined 10 areas with short descriptions to give you an overview of the key concepts and context.

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Information on eGovernment project approval

From Law No. 365/2000 Coll. and from Government Resolution No. 86 of 27 January 2020, authorities are obliged to submit to the Department of the Chief eGovernment Architect (OHA) programme documentation, investment plans, projects of designated information systems and operational documentation of designated information systems. To request an OHA opinion, authorities must use the currently valid forms and send the completed forms to the OHA at the Ministry data box 6bnaawp. In most cases, OHA will issue an opinion within 30 days. If necessary, a pre-consultation on the application may be used before it is officially sent via data mail. Continue to next approval information to learn in particular - is required to request an OHA opinion, authorities are required to submit to OHA for approval, and authorities are required to complete the project application.

The aim of the approval of ICT projects by the Office of the Chief Architect of eGovernment (OHA) is, among other things, to streamline ICT spending, to catch non-conceptual projects and change them before the implementation phase, to promote the use of shared services, and to phase out legacy IS that were not coordinated and could not adhere to eGovernment principles at the time. As part of the approval process, OHA focuses mainly on key areas of eGovernment architecture and compliance with national architecture documents, which provides a tool for ICT coordination at the national level.

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