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List of public administration agendas

A11 Financial Market Supervision
A3783 Czech National Bank Statistics
Czech Mining Authority
A1089 Act on the Protection and Use of Mineral Wealth (Mining Act)
A1107 Mining Waste Act
A1802 Explosives Precursors
A4292 Law on the marking and traceability of explosives for civilian use
A4293 Act on Mining, Explosives and State Mining Administration
Czech Statistical Office
A102 Basic register - register of persons
A485 Administration of the basic register of persons
A687 Census of Population, Houses and Flats
A688 State Statistical Service
Czech Telecommunications Office
A1522 Agenda arising from Act No 206/2005 Coll., on the protection of certain services in the field of radio and television broadcasting and information society services
A304 Agenda arising from Act No. 127/2005 Coll., on electronic communications and on amendments to certain related acts
A926 Agenda of the Postal Services Act
Czech Geodetic and Cadastral Office
A103 Basic Register - Register of Territorial Identification, Addresses and Real Estate
A1181 Surveying
A123 Territorial Identification
A124 Real Estate Cadastre
Ministry of Transport
A1041 Inland Navigation
A1042 Road Transport
A1046 Drivers' Agency
A1381 Land Roads and Road Administration
A1401 Railways and rail transport operations A1401
A572 Provision of transport services by public passenger transport services
A575 Performance of state administration in civil aviation matters
A579 Sea navigation
A998 Agenda on the conditions of operation of vehicles on roads
Ministry of Finance
A1084 Agenda on Consumer Credit Act
A1424 Financial Arbitrator
A1681 Mandatory alcohol labelling A1681 Mandatory alcohol labelling A1681 Mandatory alcohol labelling A1681 Mandatory alcohol labelling A1681
A1701 International Cooperation in Tax Administration
A1722 Excise Tax Administration
A1881 Revenue accounting
A22 Construction Savings
A23 Implementation of International Sanctions
A24 Management of State property
A385 Tax management by territorial tax authorities
A386 Legalization of proceeds of crime
A388 Public Budgets
A389 Examination of the management of territorial self-government units A389
A392 Customs
A394 Financial Control
A395 Court Fees
A397 Price Regulation and Control
A400 Accounting
A401 Indemnification - Restitution Proceedings A401
A403 Pensions and supplementary pension savings A403 Pensions and supplementary pension savings A403 Pensions and supplementary pension savings
A404 Operation of lotteries and other similar games
A405 Legal fees
A42 Local charges
A43 Vehicle liability insurance
A4877 Operating activities of insurance and reinsurance undertakings
A5104 Rules of budgetary responsibility
A5117 Monitoring and management of public finances
A6 List of auditors
A7 List of Tax Advisers
A7284 Banking - access to basic registers
Ministry of Culture
A1128 Council of Europe Convention on Transfrontier Television
A1130 Eurimages Fund
A1131 Audiovisual Media Services
A1134 Support for the film industry
A1387 Czech Television Act
A1388 Czech Radio Act
A1423 Radio and Television Fees Act
A1741 Property Settlement with Churches and Religious Societies
A367 Convention for the Protection of Cultural Property in Time of Armed Conflict
A369 Second Protocol to the 1954 Hague Convention for the Protection of Cultural Property in Time of Armed Conflict
A371 Convention for the Protection of the Archaeological Heritage of Europe (Revised)
A372 Library Act
A373 Non-Periodical Publications Act
A374 Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions
A375 Acting as the founder of the National Gallery in Prague
A377 Protection of museum collections
A378 Return of illegally exported cultural property
A379 Convention on the Protection of the Architectural Heritage of Europe
A380 Export of certain cultural goods from the customs territory of the European Communities
A381 Remarks on the prohibition and suppression of the illicit import, export and transfer of ownership of cultural goods
A383 Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage
A384 Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities A384
A434 Preservation
A445 Press Law
A451 Cultural Awards
A452 Audiovisual Act
A458 Administration of the State Fund for Culture of the Czech Republic
A5 Churches and Religious Societies
A888 Representation of the Czech Republic at international level in the field of copyright protection
A958 Coordination activities in the field of culture in accordance with international conventions
Ministry of Defence
A1143 Military Police
A1324 Armed Forces of the Czech Republic
A1426 Course of service of reservists
A1428 Anti-personnel Mine Action
A1441 Defence of the Czech Republic
A1602 Defence standardisation, cataloguing and state verification of quality of products and services intended to ensure national defence
A1861 Service of professional soldiers
A546 Issuing certificates of participation in the national liberation struggle 1939-1945
A549 War Graves Care
A550 Providing a contribution from the budget chapter of the Ministry of Defence to alleviate certain injustices caused by the communist regime
A551 Care for war veterans
A5517 International military organisations established on the basis of an international treaty
A554 Security of retirement benefits of former professional soldiers A554
A683 Appreciation of participants in the Resistance and Resistance against Communism
A840 Provision of conscription and military registration
Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs
A1029 Social Security
A1148 Assistance in material distress
A1154 State Social Support
A1185 Social Legal Protection of Children
A1781 Insolvency
A1804 Benefits for persons with disabilities
A530 Social Services
A531 Employment
A532 Labour Inspection
Ministry for Regional Development
A1163 Housing Development Support
A1386 Tourism
A32 Cemetery
A51 State aid after natural or other disasters
A52 Public Auctions
A53 Public Procurement Act
A54 Authorised architects and authorised engineers and technicians active in construction
A561 Support for regional development
A565 Zoning and Building Regulations
A567 Estates of Expropriation
A7385 Agenda to the Real Estate Mediation Act
Ministry of Industry and Trade
A1022 Precious Metals Minting and Testing
A1082 General Product Safety
A1083 Consumer Protection
A1085 Colouring and marking of certain hydrocarbon fuels and lubricants
A1090 Performance of state administration in the field of technical standardization, metrology and state testing A1090
A1092 Free movement of services
A1093 Agenda to the Act on Certain Information Society Services
A1096 Agenda to the Investment Incentives Act
A1103 Agenda to the Czech Trade Inspection Act
A1104 Agenda to the Fuel Act
A1106 Seabed Exploration and Extraction of Mineral Resources
A1110 Verification of firearms and ammunition
A1111 Agenda to the Technical Requirements for Products Act
A1112 Agenda to the Small and Medium Enterprise Promotion Act
A1114 Agenda to the Energy Management Act
A1115 Handling of safety material A1115
A1116 Supported Energy Sources
A1121 Export Promotion
A1123 Agenda to the Metrology Act
A1124 Import and Export Permit Issuance under EU Regulations
A121 Business Enterprise
A1402 Agenda to the Act on Special Allowance for Miners
A1501 Agenda to the Act on the Chamber of Commerce of the Czech Republic and the Chamber of Agriculture of the Czech Republic
A1803 Agenda to the Pyrotechnics Act
A1841 Conformity Assessment of Specified Products
A684 Agenda to the Energy Act
A736 State Enterprises
A741 State Administration in Commodity Exchange Matters
A750 Advertising Regulation
A761 Limitation on the night-time operation of pawnbrokers
A765 Control of trading in instruments of torture
A766 Control of trade in products the possession of which is restricted in the Czech Republic
A788 Control of foreign trade in dual-use goods
A789 Authorisation of foreign trade in military material
Ministry of Justice
A120 Public registers of legal and natural persons
A1461 Agenda of Mediators
A1541 Agenda of the Constitutional Court
A1561 Exercise of the Ombudsman's powers
A1901 Insolvency Practitioners
A1902 Agenda for the International Protection of Adults
A1921 Liability for damages in the exercise of public authority
A1922 Victims of crime
A1941 Conflicts of Interest A1941
A1961 International Judicial Cooperation
A4047 Evidence of Trust Funds
A4067 Evidence of Beneficial Owners
A4080 Use of funds from property criminal sanctions
A479 Agency of Bailiffs
A480 Probation and Mediation Agency
A481 Court Agenda and Judicial Academy
A483 Criminal records A483
A484 Notary Public Agency
A681 Prison Service
A682 Public Prosecution Service
A7024 European Public Prosecutor
A7565 Accreditation for the provision of debt relief services
A7573 Interpreters and Translators
A7614 Knowledge activities
A8 Advocacy
Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports
A1146 Support for research, experimental development and innovation
A1161 Authorisation under the Act on Recognition of Results of Further Education
A2106 Act on the Promotion of Sport
A3082 Regional Education
A3685 Register of schools and educational establishments
A3772 Performance of institutional education or protective education in school establishments
A3791 Colleges
A4 Register of public research institutions
A5888 List of research organisations
A6705 Accreditation of Educational Programmes for Retraining Institutions
A676 Register of educational legal entities
A677 Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research, Human Embryonic Stem Cell Registry
A679 Approval of applications from research organisations applying for inclusion in the list for recruitment from third countries
A7224 European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC)
A7264 Recognition of professional qualifications
Ministry of the Interior
A100 System of basic registers
A101 Basic Register - Population Register
A1023 Citizenship of the Czech Republic
A104 Basic Register - Register of Rights and Obligations
A1043 Public collections
A1095 Local referendum
A1097 Regional Establishment (Act on Regions)
A1098 Capital City of Prague (Capital City of Prague Act)
A110 Management of RPP reference data
A1109 General Inspectorate of Security Forces
A1117 Settlement of property injustices of citizens of the Czech Republic
A112 Management of the RPP Register
A113 Registration of Agencies and Public Authorities for the Execution of Agendas
A1133 Election of the President of the Republic
A1142 Agenda of the Intelligence Services of the Czech Republic
A115 Population registration and birth numbers
A1153 Legal Order
A1155 Publishing the Collection of Laws and the Collection of International Treaties
A116 Agenda on Foreigners and State Border Protection
A117 Citizenship cards
A118 Citizens' travel documents of the Czech Republic
A1183 Elections to the Parliament of the Czech Republic
A119 Information system of data boxes
A1261 Information provision
A1262 Elections to the European Parliament
A1281 Elections to municipal councils
A1282 Elections to regional councils
A1301 On officials of local self-government units A1301
A1342 Verification (vidimation and legalization)
A1343 Archiving and filing service
A1361 European Citizens' Initiative
A1601 Regional referendum
A1661 Control Rules
A1761 State Service
A3 Registration of political parties and political movements
A325 Editing of Selected Entities under the Responsibility of the Ministry of Interior to the ROS
A330 Issuance of certificates in connection with the exercise of state administration
A332 Tasks of the Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic
A333 Procedural modelling of public administration agendas
A337 On the Integrated Rescue System and on Amendments to Certain Acts, as amended
A338 Act No. 240/2000 Coll., on Crisis Management and on Amendments to Certain Acts (Crisis Act), as amended
A341 Fire protection
A343 Communal Establishment (Municipalities Act)
A344 PVS - Public Administration Portal
A345 Czech POINT - Public Administration Contact Point
A350 Decision on International Protection (Status of Refugees)
A351 Temporary Protection
A3787 Act on the Responsibility for Offences and the Proceedings Thereon A3787
A3925 Electronic Identification and Authentication
A409 State Border Management
A414 Matrices
A416 Registered Partnerships
A418 Police of the Czech Republic
A419 Guns and Ammunition
A420 General Police
A421 Witness and Other Person Protection
A423 Urban administrative division of the state
A424 Determination of municipalities with municipal authority
A4265 Trust services for electronic transactions
A4267 Supervision in the field of electronic identification
A46 Marriage and paternity determination
A47 Applications of the Voluntary Service Act
A6691 Central Service Point
A7884 Long-term management of public administration information systems
A8071 Contracts Register
A8334 Publishing the Collection of Laws and International Treaties and drafting legislation
A876 Service relationships of members of the security forces
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
A1622 Foreign Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid Abroad
A1641 Consular protection of Czech citizens abroad
A1821 Economic Diplomacy and Coordination of External Economic Relations
A533 Diplomatic and service passports of the Czech Republic
A8080 Foreign Service
Ministry of Health
A1086 Health Services
A1087 Health Ambulance Service
A1088 Human Tissues and Cells
A1227 Special Health Services
A1242 Medical Devices
A1243 Medicines
A1245 Medical Health Professions
A1246 Medical health professions
A1341 Health Insurance
A25 Artificial Interruption of Pregnancy
A27 Chamber
A28 Biocides
A29 Spa
A3726 ePrescription
A4003 National eHealth Contact Point
A4006 National Register of Healthcare Professionals
A470 Donation, procurement and transplantation of organs and tissues
A471 Natural Medicinal Resources and Natural Mineral Water Sources
A50 Monitoring of all handling and treatment of addictive substances
Ministry of Agriculture
A1024 Viculture and viticulture
A1025 Land Improvement
A1026 Food and Tobacco Products Act
A1027 Central Inspection and Testing Institute of Agriculture
A1044 Veterinary Act
A1045 Water supply and sewerage for public use
A1094 Plant Health Care
A1102 Alcohol Act
A1108 Act on HPAI
A1113 Seed and Seedling Circulation
A1118 Fodder Act A1118
A1162 Water Act A1162
A1182 Animal Cruelty Protection Act A1182
A1184 Regulation of ownership of land and other agricultural property
A1224 Ecological agriculture A1224
A1481 Genetic Resources of Plants, Animals and Microorganisms of Importance for Food and Agriculture
A1581 State Land Office
A1621 Marketing of timber and timber products
A1801 Mining of peat
A562 The Forestry Act
A564 Protection of Variety Rights
A588 Fertiliser Act
A589 Agricultural public warehouses and agricultural storage certificates
A636 Agenda of the Chamber of Veterinary Surgeons of the Czech Republic
A943 Sensibility
A944 Activities under the Agriculture Act
A945 State Agricultural Intervention Fund
A946 State Fisheries Administration
A951 Reproductive material of forest trees
A967 State Forestry Administration
A999 Hop protection
Ministry of Environment
A1120 Packaging and Packaging Waste Management
A1126 Air Protection
A1127 Integrated Pollution Register (IPR) and Integrated Environmental Reporting Obligations Compliance System (ISPOP)
A1135 Competence of ČIŽP in forest protection
A1186 Waste management
A1222 Climate protection and emissions trading (EU ETS)
A1223 Geological CO2 storage (CCS)
A1241 Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC)
A1283 Protection of agricultural land
A1382 Management of genetically modified organisms and genetic products
A1383 Chemical Act
A1384 Environmental Impact Assessment of Plans and Concepts (EIA process + SEA process) and related activities.
A1385 Prevention of environmental damage and EMAS
A1389 Prevention of major accidents
A1422 Environmental Information Provision A1422 Environmental Information Provision A1422 Environmental Information Provision A1422
A1425 State Environmental Fund
A1427 Ozone-depleting substances and fluorinated greenhouse gases
A560 Geological Works
A563 Environmental Protection of Antarctica
A694 CITES - Trade in Endangered Species
A696 Zoos
A963 Nature and Landscape Conservation
National Security Authority
A1061 Protection of classified information and security eligibility
National Cyber and Information Security Authority
A1721 Cybersecurity
Supreme Audit Office
A545 Auditing Activities
Radio and Television Broadcasting Council
A1138 Operation of on-demand audiovisual media services
A453 Operation of radio and television broadcasting
Administration of State Material Reserves
A819 Emergency oil stocks and oil emergency management
A820 Authority of the SSHR
A821 Economic measures for emergency situations
State Nuclear Safety Authority
A1028 Administration, registration and supervision in the field of peaceful uses of nuclear energy and ionizing radiation
A3905 Atomic Act
A543 Administration, registration and supervision in the field of management of highly dangerous substances, dangerous substances, less dangerous substances, in the field of production of certain organic chemicals and in the field of compliance with the ban on chemical weapons
A914 State administration, registration and supervision in the field of management of high-risk and hazardous biological agents and toxins and in the field of compliance with the prohibition of bacteriological (biological) and toxin weapons
Office for the Protection of Competition
A1421 Competence of the Office for the Protection of Competition
A556 Agenda in the field of competition protection
A842 Agenda in the field of public aid
A843 Oversight of compliance with the Act on significant market power in the sale of agricultural and food products and its abuse
Personal Data Protection Authority
A851 Supervisory activities in the field of personal data protection
Industrial Property Office
A31 Performing activities under the regulations on patent agents
A822 Trademarks
A823 Signs of origin and geographical indications
A824 Patents
A825 Utility Models
A826 Industrial Designs
A827 Topographies of Semiconductor Products
Office of the Government of the Czech Republic
A48 Manager and operator of the information system for research, experimental development and innovation (Council for Research, Development and Innovation)
A866 Agenda of National Minorities
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