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National Architectural Framework


Modeling Authorities and their Architectures

Structure of modeling architectures


ArchitectureContent and Output Framework

Reference Models and Classification Frameworks

Guidelines and techniques for creating architectures

ArchitecturalSkills, Departments and Organs



OHA website: link

Architecture website:

Digital Western Australia Digital Strategy 2016-2020:

Government of New Brunswick - Enterprise Architecture Program: link

Information Technology Strategic Plan 2016-2020: link

Update 2017 - Government of Canada Strategic Plan for Information Management and Information Technology 2017-2021: link

Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA), 2013: reference , or reference

California Information TechnologyStrategic Plan 2016 Update: link

Architectural framework called Government EA - New Zealand (GEA-NZ): link

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General Information

Terms and abbreviations are contained in the subsequent document 2 of the ICR - Glossary of eGovernment Terms.

Descriptions of, or links to, annexes that will exist as stand-alone documents or as part of the National Architecture Library/Knowledge Base.

Attachment 1 - List of attributes of metamodel elements

Successively, starting from the most important ones, mandatory and recommended attributes and their possible code values will be published for each metamodel element.

Attachment 2 - Classification of files, models and views

The classification attributes and metadata of the TOGAMEFF shared files, their models, views, elements and constraints will be published and updated in a separate annex as a text document and XLS table.

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