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Guarantor: CZ.NIC

Guarantee level: Low, substantial and high

Description: The MojeID service was established in 2010 and is one of the first widely available electronic identification services in the Czech Republic. In 2020, the mojeID service passed the accreditation process at the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic. With mojeID, it is possible to log in to many services in the Czech Republic and even abroad.

Verified user data

Since the inception of the mojeID service, one of its main strengths has been its emphasis on verifying the data that the user provides about himself. All accounts are verified by email and telephone contact. It is also possible to verify a correspondence address on a voluntary basis and, as the highest level of verification, it is possible to link the account to the population register and thus act as an identity agent within NIA. In this case, identity can be verified in several ways - by visiting a branch of Czech POINT, data box system or eObčanka, or other means of electronic identification.


The second key feature of the mojeID service has been the desire from the start to offer the most advanced and secure means of electronic_identification for multi-factor login. Shortly after the launch, the possibility of using a one-time password generator appeared, followed by a custom mobile app for simple one-click confirmation. In 2019, the ability to log in with a security key according to the FIDO standard was implemented in the mojeID service. The FIDO technology provides maximum protection against MITM attacks (hacking by an attacker into the communication between two parties). To use it on the most common devices, such as those running Windows 10 or Android, nothing additional needs to be purchased and the security key built directly into the operating system can be used. The FIDO security key can be replaced or supplemented by logging in using the MojeID Klíč mobile app, which is available free of charge for Android or iOS phones and tablets. This makes logging in not only as secure as possible, but also as convenient as possible. For the highest level of security, an external HW key with the appropriate certification can be used.

Use: With mojeID, it is possible to log in not only to eGovernment services, but also to various e-shops, news portals, municipal libraries and many municipal and city portals and many other services. A list of contractual partners is available in the service catalogue available at myID catalogue. The account can also be used for domain management at some domain registrars.

From September 2020, it is also possible to use the mojeID account to log in to public administration services. More information: mojeID.

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