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Guarantee level: High

Description: The ID card issued as of 1 July 2018 (the so-called "eCitizen") can be used for electronic identification and authentication if the holder has activated his/her electronic chip at the time of picking it up at the office. Activation can be done by a person over 15 years of age by entering the personal identification code (IOK) and the personal identification code deblocker (DOK) at the office responsible for issuing ID cards. In order to use all the features of eObčanka, it is necessary to install the operating software (containing the applications "eObčanka - Identification" and "eObčanka - Card Administrator") on your computer, tablet or mobile phone, which is freely downloadable from the Internet at Info eIdentity, and to have the appropriate smart card reader connected to it (which you need to purchase). The smart card reader should meet the basic parameters - ISO 7816 compliance, CCID (Chip Card Interface Device), PC/SC communication standard and be compatible with the computer operating system. For mobile platforms, which usually do not have a USB connector to connect a regular reader, it is possible to use a Bluetooth reader, which is slightly more expensive and needs to be charged separately.

The ID card can also be used for signing electronic documents and for logging into information systems using authentication certificates. For this purpose, the holder of the ID card is entitled to store qualified certificates for electronic signatures and authentication certificates in the contact electronic chip. If a citizen wants to use his/her eID as a repository for his/her electronic signature or authentication certificates, he/she must also set up additional access codes - PIN, QPIN and PUK, the description and setting procedure of which is described at Info eIdentity. For the purpose of managing qualified certificates for electronic signatures, authentication certificates and changing access codes, the aforementioned application "eObčanka - card administrator" is available, which is included in the installation package with the operating software.

Use: The eCard with activated chip can be used as a means for electronic identification with a high level of assurance and also as a repository for your electronic signature and authentication certificates. The eObčanka, as the only means for electronic identification issued in the Czech Republic so far, is notified to the EU in accordance with the eIDAS Regulation. I.e. citizens can use their eCards with an activated chip to access online services provided by other Member States in the EU, subject to the conditions set out in the eIDAS Regulation.

More information on eIDAS is available at Info eIdentity and MVČR

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