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Integrated Telecommunications Network

In previous periods, the Ministry of the Interior has built an Integrated Telecommunications Network (ITS) to provide the basic communication needs of the Police, Fire and Rescue Services (hereinafter also referred to as the IRS of the Czech Republic) to ensure the safety of the citizens of the Czech Republic and the performance of public administration in the Czech Republic. The ITS has been modernised over the years so that it currently serves both the needs of the Police and the Czech IRS and the needs of the local government in the territory. The MVČR thus acts as a provider KIVS(Communication Infrastructure of Public Administration)/CMS(Central point of services).

Geographically, the ITS connects the regional cities in the Czech Republic in a ring, with a throughput of up to 10Gb, and further newly covers up to the county level individual public administration departments. The connection points to ITS are the regional connectors in each county and 77 district towns in the ÚO PČR (territorial department of the Police of the Czech Republic, former district police headquarters).

The need for communication between central authorities and their territorial units is constantly increasing.

Example of territorial authorities:

  • Police of the Czech Republic, Fire Brigade, Ambulance
  • Office of the municipality with extended competence
  • Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs - labour offices
  • ČSSZ - District Social Security Administration
  • GFD - Financial authorities
  • GŘC - Customs Administration
  • MSp - Courts
  • ČUZK - Land and Cadastral Offices
  • MZV - Hospitals, UZIS, Regional Hygienic Stations
  • Agrarian Chambers
  • Schools, kindergartens, children's homes…

Each of these organizations see above uses its own network for communication based on its own, leased or KIVS lines. The aim is to start the process of sharing communication networks on the principle of one robust communication network with connection points in regions and districts, to which the metropolitan networks of individual cities and municipalities connect.

The breakthrough for the use of shared communications was the meeting on 9 June 2020 of representatives of the Ministry of Interior and the Police at the Police Presidium, where the approval of connecting metropolitan networks of municipalities to ITS was made. The consequence of this meeting is the possibility for municipalities to connect via ITS to services published in CMS2.

The metropolitan and regional networks of local government ideally connect the various authorities in the territory (see above), which draw on the central agendas of the state via the CMS.

To date, 5 regional networks (Vysočina, Plzeň, Karlovy vary, Zlín and partly Pardubice) and units of metropolitan networks (Chomutov, …) have been built with EU funds.

For the next planning period of IROP 2021-2027, funds and programmes are planned for further building of metropolitan and regional networks and strengthening of the communication of the ITS backbone network and Central Service Point.

=== Connecting to CMS using ITS ===.


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