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Register of Rights and Duties

The Register of Rights and Duties is administered by the Ministry of the Interior and contains information for controlling access to the data of other basic registers; at the same time, this register provides a basic overview of the agendas carried out by public authorities; information on citizens and legal entities is kept in this register on decisions that have led to changes in the data in the basic registers. In addition, the RPP serves as a source of information for ISZR in managing user access to data in individual registers and agency information systems. This means that whenever a given subject attempts to obtain a certain data or even to change (edit) it, the system assesses whether the subject will be allowed to work with the data provided by the public administration on the basis of legal authorization, and thus the RPP becomes an important component of the ZR within the concept of using the interconnected data pool and data sharing across not only the state administration for the management of public administration performance. The RPP includes in particular:

  • Public administration agencies and their responsibilities
  • List of Public Authorities and private users of data from basic registers
  • A map of the competences of public authorities within the agenda model
  • Details of data held in the Agendas and their provision and use
  • Data on the entitlements of public authorities and private users to access data from basic registers and agency information systems
  • Decisions on the basis of which reference data in the Population Register and the Register of Persons are changed
  • List of public administration information systems and their relation to agendas and data held in them

The RPP also includes the technical structure of the data, the description of which is set out in the Decree on Act 111/2009 Coll. Important from the development perspective is the addition of a reference to the codebook, i.e. the dataset published in the public data fund within the National Catalogue of Open Data.

  • Directory: a reference to a dataset representing a directory published in the National Catalogue of Open Data according to the rules of Public Data Fund. If the data is created in the agenda, it is a reference that says the data is the source of the codebook, if it is a downloaded data, it is a reference to a codebook published by another entity.

The administrator of the Register of Rights and Duties is the Ministry of the Interior, the primary editors are the notifiers of public administration agendas.

The basic elements for agendovy model of public administration are maintained in the RPP. There is also a map of the shareable data of each agency and technical information about the data held within each agency and the permissions to access the data.

Another part of the RPP is a record of public administration information systems, their link to the agendas, data on their administrators, etc.

The methodology for recording VS services, their actions and the digitisation plan is given in here.

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