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Level of assurance: Substantial

Description: The NIA ID resource has been associated with National Point since its inception in 2018 (originally the resource was called "name, password and SMS"). Citizens of the Czech Republic and foreigners listed in the Registry of Population and over 18 years of age can create a resource, either through the link under the login window of this resource or directly on the NIA ID website. To set up a resource, the exclusive possession of an email address and a mobile phone number for receiving SMS (the number must have the Czech area code +420) is required.

The creation of the account is the first step into the electronic world of logging in to the State's online services. The account must be activated by connecting it to the identity of a specific individual. Until the account is activated, i.e. linked to a natural person, it is only possible to log in to the National Point portal. There are several ways to bind a NIA ID to a natural person:

Once the account is active, there is nothing to prevent it from being used for logging in to the electronic services of the state.

Use: The NIA ID can be used as a means of identification to log in to all online services of Qualified Providers that accept the significant level, which is the vast majority today. No special equipment is needed to use the means, but the user is satisfied with the knowledge of the login details and the exclusive ownership of a mobile phone number registered in the Czech Republic. This method of login facilitates the use of NIA ID across all age categories of the population.

More information: Info eIdentity

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