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eGovernment Mobile Key

Level of assurance: Substantial

The eGovernment Mobile Key (mobile phone or tablet app) was originally developed as one of the options for logging in to Data Box Information System. For its ease of use, as well as the possibility to use the already existing mobile application, it was extended to include the possibility of logging in via National point.

The carrier of the eGovernment Mobile Key is the device on which the "eGovernment Mobile Key" application is installed. The application can be installed from the app store (available for Google Play and Apple App Store). The app works by scanning a QR code from the screen of the device you are logging in on. So there's no need to remember often complicated login details or copy long codes from SMS sent to your mobile phone.

To enable login, you need to bind (register) the instance to an individual once. This can be done in several ways, for each way there is a simple guide within the application on how to proceed.

Once the account is active, there is nothing to prevent you from using it to log in to the state's electronic services. One of the advantages is the possibility of sending notifications that your identity has been used to log in to an online service via the National Point, thus contributing to the possible detection of misuse of any of the resources. In addition to sending notifications from the National Point, the application also allows sending notifications from the Data mailbox information system, so that the user can see whether he/she has received a data message.

Use: The eGovernment Mobile Key login can be used to log in to online government services at the substantial level and below. One of the biggest advantages is the ease of use, where once the app is unlocked, a simple screen capture with the camera is all that is required and the entire login process no longer requires further input of passwords or any username. In the case of logging in on a device where the app itself is installed (on your own mobile phone), the situation is even simpler and there is no need to copy various SMS codes and the like between app windows. As already mentioned, another advantage is getting notifications, either from the National Point or from the Data Box Information System.

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