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Form Based Agenda Information System

The Form-based AIS (FAIS) is a component of ISZR, which, through special form-oriented services, allows to request the release of multiple data from the basic registers and subsequently mediates the batch release of these bulk data through data boxes. It is used for cases where there is a legal mandate to use reference data in multi-subject groups. This is the case, for example, for voters' list issues.

FAIS is also used to handle the output of basic register data in the form of form requests to the SZR data box and responses to the applicant's data box. For example, requests for data extracts, data usage reports, etc. are handled in this way. FAIS has an interface to document management filing service according to National Standard for Electronic Filing Systems

FAIS therefore provides, among other things:

  • Voter lists provided to municipal election authorities
  • Issuance of bulk batches of data according to the permissions in the relevant agenda
  • Execution of the right holder's request for an extract of data from the systems connected to the reference interface, i.e. the entire PPDF
  • Compiling a summary of the extract of data usage sent to the data box of the right holder

FAIS operates according to the following points:

  1. A data extract request is made by the applicant and sent as a form to the FAIF.
  2. FAIS, as a component of the ISZR, retrieves the data message with the request form and processes the request, verifying data permissions and the release of individual data
  3. After using the services of the ISZR, FAIS compiles the response and sends it back to the applicant's data box in the given format.

The FAIS is not primarily intended for use by agency information systems, but for processing form requests authenticated by the identity of the sender of the request via their data box. The ISR External Interface Services is used by the agency information systems to use the output of the basic registers.

FAIS will provide the corresponding data extraction process via data boxes for all data published on the PPDF.

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