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Foreigners Information System

The Foreigners Information System (also known as "CIS") is administered by the Police of the Czech Republic and the Ministry of the Interior and contains data on foreigners with permanent or long-term residence, EU citizens, asylum seekers, other natural persons

data are entered into the CIS:

  • surname, first name, or names, address of place of residence, date, place and district of birth, in the case of a foreign-born person date, place and state (Police of the Czech Republic)
  • date, place and district of death, in the case of a deceased abroad the date of death, place and state. In the case of a court decision to declare a person dead, the date of death or the date of the person who did not survive and the legal force of the decision are recorded in the decision (Registry Office)
  • nationality, if applicable, multiple nationalities
  • numbers of electronically readable identification documents - residence permit card (Police of the Czech Republic)

Agenda information system for foreigners

The Foreigners' Agenda Information System (also referred to as "AISC") is a mirror of the Foreigners' Information System, which is used to edit and provide data to the basic registers. The main reason for the separation of CIS and AISC is security and the need to separate the internal and external environments of the Police.

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