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National Data Centers

Targeted NDCs continue to be an integral part of the ICRC and will be developed alongside eGCs and often even in the same premises and with the same quality parameters, such as security. Their role is indispensable for many central eGovernment systems.

It can be assumed that a mandatory minimum standard for NDCs will be defined together with the requirements for eGC parameters and that several more departmental DCs will be "promoted" to NDCs. At the same time, it can be assumed that parts of some NDCs will join as significant parts of the state part of the eGC and will offer their services freely to anyone under the conditions of the eGovernment Cloud, in addition to direct delivery to "tribal clients" - organisations of their founder. As a shared IT service, the National Data Centre provides:

  • Secure computing centre environment services
  • Virtual computing capacity services
  • Database server services
  • Data backup services
  • Services for exposing published services in DMZ1 and DMZ2 in CMS KIVS

NAP does not set any rules for this functional unit or topic area in this release.

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