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Public administration policy model

The description of the architecture of the Czech Office and of the Czech public administration after the various layers of architecture and the incorporation of the requirements in the information concept and architecture of the Authority is described in Architektura úřadu v kontextu veřejné správy a jejích vrstvách architektury.

The rules for the different shared services, functional units and thematic areas are described in the Způsoby využívání sdílených služeb, funkčních celků a tematických oblastí jednotlivými úřady.

The agenda is based on the business architecture of the public administration and the basis for managing the performance of digital public administration services. All public administration agendas are inscribed together with the legislative anchor in the Rights and Obligations Register, including the definition of OVM in the agendas of the administration. In accordance with that authorisation, OVM can, or must, carry out its activities and provide its services. The Register of Rights and Obligations shall further define the data in the agendas maintained and the rules for their use by other agendas, or agendas for supporting the information systems, respectively.

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